If you're looking to start a window cleaning business, but don't know where to start or how to attract customers, this article is for you. If you follow several of these guidelines, you can improve your window-cleaning skills and eventually become a professional.

1. Always maintain an air of professionalism

The first step in establishing a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy window cleaner is acting professionally. Make sure you present yourself in a positive light. If you want someone to open the door for you, little things like dressing neatly, keeping your hair short, using deodorant, and smiling can make a big difference. Consider if you'd hire a stranger to work on your home if they showed up in shabby clothes and smelled bad. Not likely, right? The next step is to think of a clear message to convey. You may say something like, "Hello, I'm a window cleaner in the area, and I was wondering if you were in need of my services." The message is brief, cordial, and to the point.

2. Obtain some business cards

Business cards are the cornerstone of every marketing campaign for a window cleaning guelph service. Your business card should look professional and contain all of the necessary information without being too crowded. Your window cleaning business card needs to get into the hands of as many people as possible, including current and potential customers. You are now equipped to face the world.

3. Canvas, Canvas, Canvas!!!

Finding new window cleaning clients may seem like a humiliating, even "begging" job to some people. Because of this, many resort to sending thousands of fliers by hand, which is a waste of time, or by placing ads in pricey local newspapers and magazines. Customers appreciate meeting the person who will be cleaning their windows every month. The most efficient method of canvassing, in my opinion, entails knocking on every door on the street and making sure to speak to the owner of each home rather than the kids, babysitter, gardener, etc. In comparison to stuffing flyers under people's doors, having a conversation with them is much more beneficial. Just how long has it been since you referred to a flier and made a purchase based on its contents? Most likely never. Going door-to-door to promote your window cleaning service adds a much-needed human touch. Given that you'll have access to their home as their window cleaner, it's important that they feel comfortable with you there. When building trust, knowledge of one's appearance is step one.

4. React in a businesslike manner

Whether a homeowner declines your offer to clean their windows, you can still increase your chances of getting work by asking if you can leave a business card in the event that they change their mind or know anyone who does. It's like handing out a flier, but now they know who you are and can easily spot you when you come to clean their windows again. You owe it to the homeowner, and more importantly to yourself, to be reasonable in your quote if they ask you for one. The cost of getting your windows cleaned is a topic worthy of its own essay. Again, maintain your composure if your quote is chosen. Maintain their information in a tidy A5 notebook rather than a random scrap of paper. Take down the person's exact street name, address, and last name. Don't bother them to get their number. Getting such sensitive information on the first phone contact is excessive. The time will come when they will make this proposition to you. Next, attempt to provide a rough timeframe for when you plan to contact to schedule window cleaning. As soon as possible is preferable; for example, "I can call to clean your windows the day after tomorrow." Maintain punctuality wherever possible. Being dependable is essential to the success of a window cleaning business.

5. Create your own website

When looking for a window cleaner, no longer will a large, multicolored phone book be used. This year has seen a record number of internet users. You may rank highly on Google without paying a dime if you put in the time and effort to learn the algorithm. Although a friend helped me get started with my website's design, I've since taught myself how to optimize it for search engines. Currently, queries like "window cleaner in Telford," "Telford window cleaner,” “window cleaning Telford,” etc. all go directly to my site. These are the typical queries people in my neighborhood use when looking for a window cleaner. Considering the low cost involved, the amount of attention a website can garner is astounding. Many times, it can save money compared to traditional print ads.

Finally, having a personal touch to your service is unrivaled if you want to build a solid clientele for your window cleaning business. You will be working closely with the same folks and seeing the same space on a regular basis as a window cleaner. Maintain consistency, politeness, competence, and a focus on detail. Here are the ins and outs of canvassing for new window cleaning clients.